Waterμέλλον performance was an idea followed my previous work Barbara’s Dream. During my graduation show at Asfa I presented several performance documentation videos and I showed elements and remnants from these works. My idea was not only to create an installation but also a live space with performances and interaction with people. Bringing the horse at the exhibition space was an act that provoked some reactions. The field where the horse was living was close to the exhibition space so the owner was happy to accept my invitation. I thought that involving the animal in an artistic action, by just bring it there, was important thinking of its position and create a safe space for it.I made a link with a story by Richard Brautigan: “In watermelon sugar the deeds were done and done again as my life is done in watermelon sugar.”Set in the aftermath of a fallen civilisation, it focuses on a commune organised around a central gathering house which is named "iDEATH". In this environment, many things are made of watermelon sugar. The landscape of the novel is constantly in flux; each day has a different coloured sun which creates different coloured watermelons, and the central building also changes frequently.I thought of a kind of assemblage with Brautigan’s novel, the family living in the Botanical garden but also my experience of living for a while in a modern squat in the Netherlands. Bringing this family's white horse into the showroom, symbolically affirms the importance of relationship with other people, including socially isolated. I tried to connect these different landscapes. I wanted to emphasise in the relationship between dominated/dominant which also makes sense thinking of the position of the horse.