PERFORMANCE ROOMS 2019by Kappatos Gallery NEVERMOREa performance by Antigone TheodorouCurated by Francesco

Unlike the term Space, the word Room indicates a space to occupy, a space which is dedicated to what will inhabit it. A hotel room is inhabited, used, occupied, and experienced endlessly by a thousand destinies, biographies, and different identities, and by the same is left, emptied, returned to a feint, always renewed purity.A. Theodorou will inhabit this room freeing it from the semantic bond of its symbols, weaving an ideal spiderweb of new significances; a playful constellations of meanings and references to life, to myth*1, and to the city that contains them both.

A breath, invisible and constant trace of our existence, will materialize, together with the breaths of those who will pass, in a chaotic and light like air composition, in many balloons that will progressively fill the room. The body that dwells, will finally free the room by making it space, returning it to the city and the plurality of its biographies, to the subdued voice of its dreams, to the weft of its destinies.

Only in this way can the altar to which this temple is dedicated, the bed, become δεξαμενή, and become a space of acceptance, just like the δοχμή*2, the palm of our hands, when we open them to let the world fall asleep within, and dream.


* 1_ It is mentioned in the Greek mythology that Lycabettus was a rock that Goddess Athena carried in herhands, and which fell after a bad news brought to her from a crow. The artist intends to play with thismyth, in connection with a poem by E.A.Poe, also bringing literature and writing to be part of her artistic action.

* 2_ The words δεξαμενή (tank) and δοχμή (palm) have the same root as the word δέχομαι (I accept).ETHNIKI GREEK ETYMOLOGICAL DOCUMENTATION E. Mandoulidis.

  Special thanks:JoalzManos ChrisovergisDDania