Nevermind the Gap

Public performance & installation

And I say that the territory only exists in relation to a movement from which it leaves Gilles Deleuze, Labécédaire/ A comme animal

In this work I was interested in the idea of territory, the interaction in space, and more specific in the form of yin yang: 8 people (men, women) show a performance with almost choreographic elements. People move through space, changing positions and forms, ending up to create a circle, a reference to the symbol of yin yang. The bodies at the yang side, are covered with plants and fruits while at the yin side they are dressed with costumes that I created, which refer to snake skin. The snake primordial and ambiguous symbol associated with the human alienation and fertility. Here dressed snakes unfold secretly to the naked bodies which are in a state of dream and awakening, stagnation and movement.

Four friends take a train ride to central Athens. During the whole trip they could only see shadows. They wore costumes, resembling snakeskin, which covered their faces and bodies. The snakes try to walk in the city among the crowd. I was thinking of "Mind the gap" which is a warning repeated at every train stop.