Many times at night

Velvet Basement Performances 2017 curated by The Callas and Odette Kouzou at Boilers Basement bar.

"But in the accepting everything, mesmerising night and other voices are heard and others sounds.

Andreas Embirikos 'Oktana'

The performance is a personal ritual with animistic elements and an exploration of my body as a female. Ecstatic movements and gestures deriving through the repetition of recorded nocturnal animal noises. Transitional objectsblack balloonshelp me to take animal sensations into my own body and embody animality while the body is producing noise. The action of rubbing and scratching while the body is breathing, raises the temperature and leads to an acoustic explosion. The observers are faltering in between lightening the action or remain shadowed, encountering a mystery obscured by the day light, aiming to reinforce their superior night vision, discovering what they can make out after the sun has set.