Eratos fish

Excentricités V // Le Banquet - Anniversaire 2014Institut Supérieur des Beaux Arts de Besançon / Franche-Comté.Commissioned by: Julien Cadoret and Laurent Devèze. But tell me, what would happen if one of you had the fortune to look upon essential beauty entire, pure and unalloyed; not infected with the flesh and colour of humanity, and ever so much more of mortal trash? What if he could behold the divine beauty itself, in its unique form? Plato, Symposium, 211d The performance was inspired by the above sentence of fortune teller Diotima in Platos Symposium. The questions of the Symposium, which was written in a time when Athens was in decline , remain innovative and relevant today considering the conservatism of modern society that enjoys a multifaceted crisis. Fascinated by the dialectic of that time Im trying to assimilate it in a personal way and make a contemporary dialogue. As modern muse Erato. Born in an interspace between two Symposiums. Platos virtual and the real one of Besançon. To be able to enter both fields I have to be transformed. Like the sole fish, when one of its eyes comes next to each other and slowly it ceases to swim but it stands motionless at the bottom of the seabed.