2022, The two sides of Greek reality in the multimedia exhibition of Vasilia Kaga  2022, Antigone Theodorou, Visual artist & performer 2022, Room to Bloom Festival: Celebrating Postcolonial and Ecofeminist Art & Activism 2022, Epitelesis/Fluxus/D. Agrafiotis with the publication of his book Performance/ Epitelesis, Nisos publications Athens 2022

2021, Room to Bloom programme/ Ecofeminism & Postcolonial Feminism

2020, the economy of borders ^^ we lost our soft soul, by crossing the borders

2020, Criss Cross 2 | Studying Encounters

2019, Performance Rooms 2019 by Kappatos Gallery 

2019, Attraversare il confine. Filippo Minelli a Milano 

2019, What happens on the 3rd floor of a flat in Praxitelous st.?

2018, Performance Rooms 2019 by Kappatos Gallery 

2018, Fabrika Voxa à l'Espace Multimédia Gantner de Bourogne

2017, SPOTLIGHT ON WINDOW DRESSING...Mirrowed througt the Eyes of Four Artists Workshop 

2017, Hope is celebrating at Victoria Square

2016, My first time at ΕMST 

2016, La bibliothèque in situ n° 20 

2015, Athen Das neue Berlin

2015, INFERNO arts, scènes, attitudes # 04 print edition, winter/spring 2015. Grèce: dans l'oeil du Cyclone, le feu secret des artistes grecs, p.127

2015, Photography as Performance / “Reframing memory, performances” – Athens Photo Festival 2015

2015, ASTHENIA No.2: The fanzine of Amalia Vekri & Antigone Theodorou 

2015, Photos from the exhibition of the Young Artistsworkshop in the 5th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art.

2014, Antigone en Athènes 

2014, The Young artists of the Athens School of Fine Arts